So a UITableView in essence are shows data statically in multiple rows which arranged in a single column, up and down. Then each row has a cell which it’s design pattern fits as a row. How to implement it you ask, well keep reading you will find out.

Now a…

Functions are a part of life one can agree without functioning, even without any substance, can lead to disaster.

If you are like me when it comes to coding or practicing coding I tend to like to listen to music, more specifically Lo-Fi hip-hop or funk.(depending on my mood) Planning…

Not technically a guide, but what it is in the most simplest explained possible

Constraints in it’s purist form of definition is:

Automatically adjust the position or orientation of a node based on specified rules. By modifying the results of animation, physics, and other scene graph changes, constraints make it easier manage dynamic behaviors and relationships between elements of your scene.

Developer apple…

Do me a favor, take a deep breath. Count to four. Then breathe out. Did you feel that? Feels great don’t it? I cannot stress this enough when it comes to learning new things or more specifically coding… Whether you like it or not the truth is learning how to…

Kenji Daniel Akiba

App developer, iOS; PC and avid comic enthusiast; always a student

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